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WWI Centenary Commemorations 2018


11 NOVEMBER 2018

The Remembrace Day parade was held in the presence of the Mayor of Guildford Mike Parsons and our MP Sir Paul Beresford, plus Borough Councillor Mike Hurdle and members of Send Parish Council.  A service of remembrance was held in the Lancaster Hall and a Salvation Army bugler sounded the Last Post before a wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial across the road, where the names of Send men who died in both World Wars can be found.


10 NOVEMBER 2018

The 21 wooden poppies were 'planted' in the flower bed near the WWI Memorial on Send Recreation Ground by 21 pupils of Send CofE Primary School.  Each poppy is in honour of a Send military man who died during WWI.  The wooden poppies complemented the new WWI bench.




Send and Ripley History Society held an exhibit in the Old Send Phonebox to suplement their main exhibit in the Ripley Museum.



Send Parish Council published a 4-page WWI Centenary Newsletter entitled SEND REMEMBERS.  This detailed the making of the celebratory poppy panels, the names of the Send men who fell during WWI and details of Events over the weekend of 10 and 11 November.



28- 30 NOVEMBER 2018

The fabric poppies were removed for cleaning and storage.

16 NOVEMER 2018

The Surrey Advertiser carried an item on the Send Poppy Project, including a photograph of the main display at sunset.


The main display went up on the recreation ground, with smaller items at the blacksmith sculpture, the school, the Medical Centre, the Lancaster Hall, The Sendmarsh noticeboard, the Send sign on Send Road from the direction of West Clandon, the main Send sign at Mays Corner, The Church Rooms, St Mary's Church, the Evangelical Church and the WWI Memorial.

The main display consisted of a banner reading LEST WE FORGET surrounded by a giant wreath of poppies.  Elsewhere, smaller wreaths, streamers and other designs were used.

The response from the public was gratifyingly positive.


23 OCTOBER 2018

About 50 people went along on 13 October, including the lovely ladies of the SEC who kept us fed and watered all day, our photographer, and Bill Pyne, who took a video which can be seen here:

It was a very sociable occasion and six panels were made for the rec plus some 'streamers' were started.  There is more to be done - we had so many poppies handed in! - so please call in at the Parish Office if you would like to help us finish off the village displays.


A small team worked on finalising the main design.  The team included Send Parish Clerk Debbie Hurdle, Scout Leader Neil Freeman, members of both the Woking and Guildford Embroidery Guilds, Clare McCann from the local History Society who had the original idea for the popy display and Linda Parker-Picken who coordinated its making.


The final tally of poppies made was just under 6000, more than double the original target!

If you can lend a hand on 13 October anytime between 10am and 4pm please make a calendar note and let the Parish Office know you can help create the final display.  Venue is the hall of the church in the Broadmeads. There is plenty of parking.


With just over 3000 completed poppies now handed in, please note that we need to receive any other flowers you make BY END SEPTEMBER LATEST. That will allow us a little time to organise for the Creating the Display session on 13 October.

Please pass this message on.


We have almost reached our original target of 2500 according to poppies reported as made.  However, we know there are other people out there who have yet to hand in any poppies, so realistically we've probably exceeded it!

We intend to keep going so we can make the display even better!

26 MAY

Linda PP will be opening her garden as a fundraiser for the Poppy Project. Saturday 23 June 2pm to 5pm. Send Lodge, directly opposite the New Inn. Suggested donation £2 per person, free to children. Look out for posters round the village nearer the time.

Please note this is a fairly informal garden with uneven paths in places.  There is no onsite parking.

There is access to the Wey Navigation in places so small children should be kept under supervision.

Refreshments will be served.  Plants for sale.

11 MAY

Please make a note in your diaries to go along to the Hall in the Send Evangelical Church on the Broadmeads anytime between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 13 October to help attach the poppies to their backing.

Even half an hour would help.  We'd like to get as many members of the community as possible involved.





Many thanks to all those who took wool and/ or donated towards the cost of this project.

We have another 30 names of participants and our total is nudging 900!


Patterns and wool will be available at the May Fair on Monday 7 May.



In order to tally up how many poppies have been made so far in total, please email with the number you’ve made unless you’ve already done that on the Facebook page.


Thank you.



Thanks to a further generous donation of £200 from Send Parish Council, a large quantity of red wool, some black wool and some black buttons will be delivered to the Parish Office mid-morning tomorrow.

Please take your completed poppies to the Paish Office or to the Craft and Chat sessions in batches, in a named bag (so we can credit all of the poppy makers!) saying how many are inside.

If you're looking for a simpler knitting pattern, try this:

Cast on 60 sts. Rows 1-5 knit
Row 6 knit 20 sts, *then pick up 1 cast on st from bottom of border and place on left needle, now knit 2 sts together, knit 19 sts. [ 20 sts remain] repeat from * to end.
Rows 7-9 knit.
Row 10 Repeat row 6 by picking up loop made on that row.
Rows 11-13 knit.
Row 14 repeat row 10.
Row 15 knit 2 sts. together across row [ 30 sts.]
Row 16 slip 1 st. knit 2 sts. together pass slipped st. over... repeat across row [ 10 sts.] Break off yarn leaving long tail and thread back through remaining sts. and pull tight. Join edges with mattress stitch, then tie sewn end and long tail together to shape poppy. Sew black button to centre of poppy.


Thanks to the number of people wanting to take part, the original supply of wool has all gone!

A few more balls of wool were left in the Parish Office today.  Black wool, black buttons and more red wool should be available after the Bank Holiday weekend.


Double knitting wool is now available from the Parish Office.


11 November 2018 is the centenary of the end of World War 1.  We intend to display the wooden poppies from 2014 again - one for each soldier from Send who was killed.  And to have another exhibition in the Old Send Phonebox.

In addition, the poppy project was launched in early March 2018 with the aim of residents knitting/ crocheting 2500 poppies to be displayed along the front of the tennis court at the Recreation Ground, and at the War Memorials if we have enough.  This is an ambitious target and we will need all the help we can get please!

Patterns for both knitted and crocheted poppies can be found online here:

British Legion Poppy Patterns

Please leave a loose end of wool to attach the poppy to netting.

There is some 4 ply wool in the Parish Office which was purchased with a kind donation of £100 from the local Rotary Club.   You can collect some anytime during opening hours.* 
Alternatively, you can provide your own wool (poppy red please!); and donations of camoflauge netting/ red wool/ black wool/ black buttons for the flower centres will be gratefully received in the office or at the Craft and Chat session in the Church Rooms from 2 to 4pm on 28 March.


 *  The patterns call for DK and we will buy some of that shortly, but in the meantime suggest using size 9 needles with the 4 ply.

Page last updated: 3 January, 2019