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50 poppies made so far. Target is 2500. Please let us know how many you’ve made!

WWI SPC/History Society project - centenary of the end of WWI


Double knitting wool is now available from the Parish Office.



11 November 2018 is the centenary of the end of World War 1.  We intend to display the wooden poppies from 2014 again - one for each soldier from Send who was killed.  And to have another exhibition in the Old Send Phonebox.

In addition, the poppy project was launched in early March 2018 with the aim of residents knitting/ crocheting 2500 poppies to be displayed along the front of the tennis court at the Recreation Ground, and at the War Memorials if we have enough.  This is an ambitious target and we will need all the help we can get please!

Patterns for both knitted and crocheted poppies can be found online here:

British Legion Poppy Patterns

Please leave a loose end of wool to attach the poppy to netting.

There is some 4 ply wool in the Parish Office which was purchased with a kind donation of £100 from the local Rotary Club.   You can collect some anytime during opening hours.* 
Alternatively, you can provide your own wool (poppy red please!); and donations of camoflauge netting/ red wool/ black wool/ black buttons for the flower centres will be gratefully received in the office or at the Craft and Chat session in the Church Rooms from 2 to 4pm on 28 March.


 *  The patterns call for DK and we will buy some of that shortly, but in the meantime suggest using size 9 needles with the 4 ply.


Page last updated: 19 March, 2018