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   Anti Dog Fouling Week in Send!    9 November, 2015

Dog fouling is a real issue in Send parish and we would like those of you who own dogs to please pick up after your pet; and those who don't have dogs to maybe politely ask your dog owner friends to pick up after their pets.

A note from our Dog Warden:

‘Now the nights have drawn in,  there are a handful of dog walkers in the Send area who use the cover of darkness to hide their guilty secret- they still don’t clean up after their dogs. This is not only socially unacceptable- it is illegal. Left on the ground, dog faeces can be trodden in and carried on shoes into our homes, cars, schools, shops, cafes and places of work. Children are particularly at risk; kicking through the autumn leaves. Dog mess can give us flu-like symptoms, headaches, stomach upsets (like food poisoning), and can permanently damage or destroy eyesight if even the tiniest bit is ingested.
The vast majority of dog walkers know this, and always clean up after their dogs- and I thank you for doing so. They carry bags, and when used, they put them into dog waste or litter bins, or take them home and put them in their wheeled bin.
Failing to clean up after a dog (even in the dark!) is a criminal offence and carries a £50 penalty or prosecution. The Council has issued several penalties this year, and has successfully prosecuted too. Please clean it up-don’t be the next person to receive a £50 penalty, a  fine of £1000 and a criminal record. I am patrolling the area at a variety of times- AM and PM. I look forward to meeting you.
Don’t forget, you can report badly affected areas (or offenders you see or know), please call me in confidence on 01483 444765.’


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